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Fulleaf Tea, so much goodness i don’t need my morning coffee anymore!


Being not a morning person, i always need my coffee to help me survive the day. And we all got to admit that drinking to much coffee is not good either. Most importantly this tea doesn’t contain caffeine, which I’m trying to cut off.

So i went online and found Fulleaf Tea , they had a range of tea to select from and i decided to try some of these.


Apple Rose Fruit Tea

This tea has a rich fruity taste with a hint of sweet and sour to it. It had a very rich apple rose taste to it but don’t worry the taste is not very overpowering at all. This tea is a mixture of Dried Apple, Roselle, Rose buds and Orange.


Blueberry Fruit Tea

This tea is my favorite since i love blueberries. It does taste of rich blueberries with a hint of other berries. This tea is a mixture of Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Elderberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, and Grape.


Peach Fruit Tea

Im not a fan of peach but i must say it doesn’t have a to overpowering peach taste. Like some peach tea i have tasted have to over powering taste almost like drinking perfume. This tea is a mixture of Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Peach and Lemon.

Other than the ones above, they also have tea like Japanese black tea, Taiwan Oolong tea and a lot more. They also have tea making accessories, really pretty ones i must say 🙂

Since I’m trying to cut off coffee, this tea is a good replacement. Great aroma and rich taste. I would say its a good coffee replacement.

All their tea is 100% made of pure flower and dried fresh fruit. Mainly it does not contain any caffeine, added flavoring, coloring or additives.

Price wise?

Their price is very reasonable, one packet of 100g is RM20 but now its only RM18, and if you buy 3 flavors you get it all at RM45 only.

So all you tea lovers out there, give it a try! It’s wort.


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Finally done with my company Logo


Logo BlackI’m so glad to be finally done with my company logo. It took me forever to come up with a name, been dragging it for 3years.

How I got the name? 

Well, My name and my husband’s  name combine, as he is the one always supporting me through this and will be my partner in this business.

So we combined Rina & Sathish – Ri + sh = Rish

What do I do?

  • Events
  • Bazaars & Fundraisers for NGO’s & others
  • Social Media Marketing & Content


So the company is called Rish Events & Marketing

How I came up with the logo was a pretty simple idea, I combined both our initials and used a very psychedelic image that I like as the color of my logo.I wanted it to be simple and “ME”.

That’s all for now guys. Do share your thoughts on my logo.


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Did you know? Calvin Klein Available Online.

Great news boys & girls! Calvin Klein is now officially on Zalora. For both women and man.

Now tell me who doesn’t love Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein is surely a significant name within the fashion industry and it’s definitely a big hit with the fashion bloggers. Well, it’s certainly with me! You’ll find bloggers in Calvin’s because of the simplistic design and the way it is easily paired with any outfit. From comfortable underwear to high quality basic t-shirts and top notch blue jeans, these are just some of the signature Calvin’s you see today. Well for us Malaysian’s, Calvin’s has always been hard to find but now thanks to Zalora, it’s available online and ships to Malaysia so time to party in Calvin’s!

With comfort already guaranteed, all you need now is the confidence. You can definitely wear Calvin’s with much confidence because comfy clothes makes it easier to move and you have one less thing to think about.

For at WORK!

Wanna wear your Calvin Klein t-shirt to work? That’s easy and definitely doable. All you need to do is add a tailored or slim fit blazer with the right shoes. It’s the same for both men and women. For a formal work look, that sleek pairing will help you a lot. For the ladies, use closed toe heels or a pair of lace oxfords if you don’t feel like wearing heels.


For street style, use your Calvin Klein denim with a pair of boots or cool sneakers. Fold up the leg hem for a more laid back chill. If you don’t feel like wearing sneakers or boots, wear sandals or the ever popular slides. Slides are those cool branded slippers you see fashion enthusiasts often wear to fashion week. If you have any other outfit suggestions, share it and if you don’t have any Calvin’s yet, let’s shop online now!


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Overnight Oats by JarTime


Hello guys, sorry for the long MIA. Never know my life would be so hectic after being married. Well, now I’m back and today I’m gonna share my feedback on overnight oats by JarTime. 

Ok! to be honest, I’m not a fruits person, yes I work out and eat healthily but fruits are always out of my menu I just can’t explain why. So when I tried the overnight oats I requested strictly without fruits. I was ok with blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate nuts only. So I received my oats at work, YES!!! they do delivery to your doorstep. 


Ok, first thing is rolled oats give you a great start to the day. Oats are the stuff to eat if you want to lose weight, slow down aging, and have a healthy body. Eating high fiber foods such as oats can help reduce high blood pressure , lower cholesterol and may cut the risk of heart disease and cancer, prevent or relieve constipation. 

Oh yes, i almost forgot another element found in them called beta-glucan, is responsible for lowering high cholesterol levels. Yes so now you see the goodness of oats? 

Alright now for some Sejarah on JarTime.

About JarTime.

Jar Time was established by 2 sisters late 2016. They want to share this healthy yet delicious jar to more people, therefore they start this online home based business.Jar Time offers healthy yet delicious food that is bottled up for your convenience. Grab n’ Go healthy breakfast.They are currently focusing on overnight oats and granolas. So why oats? Well, these food is simply delicious and convenient to eat especially with everyone’s busy schedule nowadays. Of course not forgetting how beneficial it is to our body, providing important vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, lower cholesterol levels, rich in antioxidants, fills up our tummy and may help to lose weight and much more.

Products & Price.

Zesty Blueberry @ RM 16.90- A refreshing taste that wakes you up.  Monday blue no more!

Strawberry Lover @ RM 16.90- The combination of sweet and sour of the fruit, makes you want them more.

Carrot Nut @ RM 16.90- Feeling some vege for today? 

Tella Banana @ RM 15.90- The perfect combo of Nutella & Banana that makes you crave for more! It’s definitely everyone’s favorite.

Purple Lady @ RM 15.90 – For something subtle yet citrus. This is just what you need. 

Apple of The Eye @ RM 14.90- This hearty taste of the apple makes you addicted to it.The sweetness and crunchiness of the fruits make you addicted to it.

Mango Tango @ RM 16.90- Let the taste of this lovely fruit does the dance.

Mr. Jack @ RM 16.90- The strong taste of the fruit that matches perfectly with the sweetness of raisins. Surely is a must try!

So these are the jars they usually do, but you may also customize an order to your likings or preferences. 

There are the main ingredients of their overnight oats: Rolled Oats, Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Jar Time Homemade Granola, Fresh Fruits and Honey

All their jars are 340ml and are recommend to be consumed within 3 days to retain the freshness.

  • Sterilize all Jars
  •  No preservative 
  • No coloring added
  • No sugar Added
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Helps to loose weight
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Promotes digestive health

Oh yes! Besides their overnight jar, they also make healthy homemade granola which is such a good snack. Their Granola is freshly baked upon order. Granola makes healthy breakfast and snacks. It can be served with yogurt, milk, ice-cream or just on its on. It is suitable for all ages, even toddlers can enjoy it.

Alright, now My REVIEW on their jar!

I loved it! I must saw at first I was really scared to try as many of my friend told me that overnight oats are not tasty. Well, I’m not sure where you guys got your overnight oats from, but mine was good. Each jar has its own special taste to it. They were not stingy with a number of nuts, strawberries, blueberries or chocolate. It was just perfect. 

Only one thing I didn’t fancy was the yogurt in it, I’m not such a yogurt fan but it was alright everything else in the jar was delicious that it didn’t bother me much. 

So overall I would give it a 9.5/10! 

After that, i did try other from other sellers but did not really like it as they were stingy with their ingredients. So much oats and so little of the rest. Well thumbs up to JarTime.

You may follow them on: 

Facebook: Jartime

Instagram: jar_time


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My fitness journey #2


Hey guys, sorry for the super long disappearing act. It was due to my wedding in December, had so much of planning to do. You always think you are almost done with the preparations but it never ends. Anyways this blog is to talk about my fitness journey. Will be posting up a blog on my wedding soon.

So back in October in My fitness journey #1, I told you guys I got a one-month subscription from Groupon for Celebrity Fitness. Well, it expired in the middle of November and my hubby didn’t want to renew it as he said it would be a waste due to our busy schedule preparing for the wedding in December. I was a little sad as I was already pumped up with the routine of hitting the gym and had gotten over the whole body sore. But he made sense so I decided to be strict and do home workout.

REMEMBER THIS IS NOT EASY! – Home workout needs a lot of discipline.

How I did my workout? I used an empty room in my house, off the fan and did simple steps to make sure I got my heart pumping. Mainly I would do jumping jacks to get my blood pumping, then I do different sets of workout targeting each part of my body that I want to tone.

Exercises I did for my home session:

  • squats x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Leg kickback  x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Air bike x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Lying leg raises x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Oblique crunch x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Butt lift bridge x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Suitcase crunch x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Plank ( as long as I can go) 

When it comes to home workout you can get creative. Keep trying out different workouts till you find something that you are most comfortable with and most importantly you enjoy doing.

As for me, I had to control what I eat, of coz I’m no MISS PERFECT! I love desserts and I love love love FOOD. How do I deal with this? During the weekdays I cook up a simple and healthy meal and stock it up for my lunch & dinner. Sometimes I just have bread for dinner or a salad. I will share my simple recipe on my blog soon.

Grilled chicken breast with broccoli & capsicum
Homemade salad

I also completely don’t take rice, only during the weekends if I’m forced to for some fancy dinner or if hubby cooks. I also keep away from sugar as much as I can and those awesome desserts I love. I do occasionally treat myself on the weekends tough.

YES! I do occasionally treat myself on the weekends tough, I can’t live without my sweet dose.

Well, all i can say is eat in small portion, eat as healthy as you can and squeeze in some exercise where ever you can.

Watch out for my next update SOON! Till then XOXO


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My fitness journey. #1


I’ll be sharing my fitness journey as much as I can. Will also share some healthy recipes I learn along the way.

Well first let me share with you about a little about my body. 😊 About two and a half years ago I only weighed around 38kg! Yes , I was very thin and I have always been around that weight no matter how much food I consume. I use to have at least five meals a day and mostly rice and still don’t gain weight. I never did exercise what so ever. Every girl’s dream right? To eat all you want and not gain weight. But no, that was not mine. I was really small and thin and I wanted some meat.

Here’s a photo of me then:

Well, one day I just told myself I’m going to really put in the effort to gain some weight. So I started trying all the weight gainer out there, but nothing worked at all till a friend of mine took me to GNC to check out their supplements.

I was asked to try their protein weight gainer shake. It comes in vanilla and chocolate. It cost me about RM120 as they were having a discount. I also got their multivitamin for women to consume as well. So the next day for a month I took both supplements and after a month tadaaaaa…. I started to gain weight. I then decided to stop the supplement and see , but shockingly I continued to gain so much weight 10kg within 7months. 😭The weight gain didn’t stop there, how much I cut down my food even.

So since then I’ve been having weight issues. From a size xs or s to a size L and reaching XL. And I had to put a stop to this as I was only 5’1 in height and I didn’t wanna look like a midget. I tried many diet pills, many diet tea that makes you camp in the toilet all night and nothing worked.

I kept telling myself I have to work out, tried it at home few times but failed to continue. So I then put my feet down as my wedding is nearing and I manage to brainwash the hubs (we’re already registered so that’s why I call him hubs) to hit the gym. Finally, now we’ve started going to the gym and I’ve been making healthy home-cooked food to help me with this journey.

We have purchased a coupon from for Celebrity Fitness one month pass which cost RM150/person inclusive of all access to gym and classes. The reason why we got a one-month pass is just to make sure the service of the gym and equipment were all okay and good before committing to a proper membership.

Keep an eye for my next update which also includes easy recipe you can try.


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It’s always bad luck with Texas Chicken


Sorry, but I would like to share my frustration with all of you. I work in Ara Damansara near EVOLVE MALL. Since I love chicken so much, I visit the Texas Chicken at Evolve Concept Mall at least once a week. ( Yes, I know that’s very unhealthy, and has made me gained weight. That’s why I’m hitting the gym nowadays).

Ok back to my complaint… 

So as I was saying, I go there often to pack food for lunch and majority of the time I get disappointed. What happen to the standards of fast food nowadays? I’ll share with you two scenarios I got into.

Scenario 1

I get to the counter and order a crunchy sampler set and one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit.

Set consist of:

  • small chicken filet
  • 2 nuggets
  • small mash potato
  • regular drink

What I got was everything except the one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit. And when did i actually know they didn’t give it to me? Yes, when I was at my desk at work!

This was really upsetting, yes I was a fool to not have checked my order. But hey, I’m just rushing to pack my food and get back to work.

Scenario 2

I get to the counter and order a crunchy sampler set and one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit again. This time, I got everything except the 2 nuggets. I was careful to check this time around, and when I informed the staff that was serving me she just looked and smiled ( no sorry) .Then was I gave her the money, she gave me back the wrong change, and when I told her she actually stood there and asked me ” so how much must I give you back actually?”.

Hahaha yes, this is the service I get majority of the time when I go there still. I have even notified the manager and he gave me one Honey Butter biscuit.

I’m not that mean, I do understand the mix up sometimes on a busy day. But when I’m there it’s almost always empty and i still get mix-ups.

So yeah, do watch out if you go to Texas Chicken at Evolve Concept Mall , just make sure you check your order.

I’m very particular when it comes to customer service. It’s very important in a business , one bad service is all you need.

Thanks for hearing me out. Bye 🙂