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Fulleaf Tea, so much goodness i don’t need my morning coffee anymore!


Being not a morning person, i always need my coffee to help me survive the day. And we all got to admit that drinking to much coffee is not good either. Most importantly this tea doesn’t contain caffeine, which I’m trying to cut off.

So i went online and found Fulleaf Tea , they had a range of tea to select from and i decided to try some of these.


Apple Rose Fruit Tea

This tea has a rich fruity taste with a hint of sweet and sour to it. It had a very rich apple rose taste to it but don’t worry the taste is not very overpowering at all. This tea is a mixture of Dried Apple, Roselle, Rose buds and Orange.


Blueberry Fruit Tea

This tea is my favorite since i love blueberries. It does taste of rich blueberries with a hint of other berries. This tea is a mixture of Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Elderberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, and Grape.


Peach Fruit Tea

Im not a fan of peach but i must say it doesn’t have a to overpowering peach taste. Like some peach tea i have tasted have to over powering taste almost like drinking perfume. This tea is a mixture of Hibiscus, Rose Buds, Peach and Lemon.

Other than the ones above, they also have tea like Japanese black tea, Taiwan Oolong tea and a lot more. They also have tea making accessories, really pretty ones i must say 🙂

Since I’m trying to cut off coffee, this tea is a good replacement. Great aroma and rich taste. I would say its a good coffee replacement.

All their tea is 100% made of pure flower and dried fresh fruit. Mainly it does not contain any caffeine, added flavoring, coloring or additives.

Price wise?

Their price is very reasonable, one packet of 100g is RM20 but now its only RM18, and if you buy 3 flavors you get it all at RM45 only.

So all you tea lovers out there, give it a try! It’s wort.