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Finally done with my company Logo


Logo BlackI’m so glad to be finally done with my company logo. It took me forever to come up with a name, been dragging it for 3years.

How I got the name? 

Well, My name and my husband’s  name combine, as he is the one always supporting me through this and will be my partner in this business.

So we combined Rina & Sathish – Ri + sh = Rish

What do I do?

  • Events
  • Bazaars & Fundraisers for NGO’s & others
  • Social Media Marketing & Content


So the company is called Rish Events & Marketing

How I came up with the logo was a pretty simple idea, I combined both our initials and used a very psychedelic image that I like as the color of my logo.I wanted it to be simple and “ME”.

That’s all for now guys. Do share your thoughts on my logo.



New to Blogging I Always was inspired to blog but never had the chance to I I do many events related to fundraisers for NGO's, mainly animal shelter's​ I Do bazaars to empower women sellers I Love doing craft work I An animal lover I Love traveling & Food

12 thoughts on “Finally done with my company Logo

  1. In directly sounds like it was meant to say “rich”..but yea it looks good…abit too complicated for my liking..but hey since it rocks your boat, why not, right…


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