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Finally done with my company Logo


Logo BlackI’m so glad to be finally done with my company logo. It took me forever to come up with a name, been dragging it for 3years.

How I got the name?Β 

Well, My name and my husband’s Β name combine, as he is the one always supporting me through this and will be my partner in this business.

So we combined Rina & Sathish – Ri + sh = Rish

What do I do?

  • Events
  • Bazaars & Fundraisers for NGO’s & others
  • Social Media Marketing & Content


So the company is called Rish Events & Marketing

How I came up with the logo was a pretty simple idea, I combined both our initials and used a very psychedelic image that I like as the color of my logo.I wanted it to be simple and “ME”.

That’s all for now guys. Do share your thoughts on my logo.