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Did you know? Calvin Klein Available Online.

Great news boys & girls! Calvin Klein is now officially on Zalora. For both women and man.

Now tell me who doesn’t love Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein is surely a significant name within the fashion industry and it’s definitely a big hit with the fashion bloggers. Well, it’s certainly with me! You’ll find bloggers in Calvin’s because of the simplistic design and the way it is easily paired with any outfit. From comfortable underwear to high quality basic t-shirts and top notch blue jeans, these are just some of the signature Calvin’s you see today. Well for us Malaysian’s, Calvin’s has always been hard to find but now thanks to Zalora, it’s available online and ships to Malaysia so time to party in Calvin’s!

With comfort already guaranteed, all you need now is the confidence. You can definitely wear Calvin’s with much confidence because comfy clothes makes it easier to move and you have one less thing to think about.

For at WORK!

Wanna wear your Calvin Klein t-shirt to work? That’s easy and definitely doable. All you need to do is add a tailored or slim fit blazer with the right shoes. It’s the same for both men and women. For a formal work look, that sleek pairing will help you a lot. For the ladies, use closed toe heels or a pair of lace oxfords if you don’t feel like wearing heels.


For street style, use your Calvin Klein denim with a pair of boots or cool sneakers. Fold up the leg hem for a more laid back chill. If you don’t feel like wearing sneakers or boots, wear sandals or the ever popular slides. Slides are those cool branded slippers you see fashion enthusiasts often wear to fashion week. If you have any other outfit suggestions, share it and if you don’t have any Calvin’s yet, let’s shop online now!



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