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My fitness journey #2


Hey guys, sorry for the super long disappearing act. It was due to my wedding in December, had so much of planning to do. You always think you are almost done with the preparations but it never ends. Anyways this blog is to talk about my fitness journey. Will be posting up a blog on my wedding soon.

So back in October in My fitness journey #1, I told you guys I got a one-month subscription from Groupon for Celebrity Fitness. Well, it expired in the middle of November and my hubby didn’t want to renew it as he said it would be a waste due to our busy schedule preparing for the wedding in December. I was a little sad as I was already pumped up with the routine of hitting the gym and had gotten over the whole body sore. But he made sense so I decided to be strict and do home workout.

REMEMBER THIS IS NOT EASY! – Home workout needs a lot of discipline.

How I did my workout? I used an empty room in my house, off the fan and did simple steps to make sure I got my heart pumping. Mainly I would do jumping jacks to get my blood pumping, then I do different sets of workout targeting each part of my body that I want to tone.

Exercises I did for my home session:

  • squats x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Leg kickback  x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Air bike x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Lying leg raises x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Oblique crunch x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Butt lift bridge x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Suitcase crunch x 10 ( 3 sets)
  • Plank ( as long as I can go) 

When it comes to home workout you can get creative. Keep trying out different workouts till you find something that you are most comfortable with and most importantly you enjoy doing.

As for me, I had to control what I eat, of coz I’m no MISS PERFECT! I love desserts and I love love love FOOD. How do I deal with this? During the weekdays I cook up a simple and healthy meal and stock it up for my lunch & dinner. Sometimes I just have bread for dinner or a salad. I will share my simple recipe on my blog soon.

Grilled chicken breast with broccoli & capsicum
Homemade salad

I also completely don’t take rice, only during the weekends if I’m forced to for some fancy dinner or if hubby cooks. I also keep away from sugar as much as I can and those awesome desserts I love. I do occasionally treat myself on the weekends tough.

YES! I do occasionally treat myself on the weekends tough, I can’t live without my sweet dose.

Well, all i can say is eat in small portion, eat as healthy as you can and squeeze in some exercise where ever you can.

Watch out for my next update SOON! Till then XOXO



New to Blogging I Always was inspired to blog but never had the chance to I I do many events related to fundraisers for NGO's, mainly animal shelter's​ I Do bazaars to empower women sellers I Love doing craft work I An animal lover I Love traveling & Food

31 thoughts on “My fitness journey #2

  1. I’d love to see how your home workout turns out. it really is difficult especially if you are doing it alone. I need a partner for company. I find that it helps me keep going.


  2. The salad looks good! I’ve just started my internship so maybe I can try bringing some healthy homemade meals to work now hehe


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