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My fitness journey. #1


I’ll be sharing my fitness journey as much as I can. Will also share some healthy recipes I learn along the way.

Well first let me share with you about a little about my body. 😊 About two and a half years ago I only weighed around 38kg! Yes , I was very thin and I have always been around that weight no matter how much food I consume. I use to have at least five meals a day and mostly rice and still don’t gain weight. I never did exercise what so ever. Every girl’s dream right? To eat all you want and not gain weight. But no, that was not mine. I was really small and thin and I wanted some meat.

Here’s a photo of me then:

Well, one day I just told myself I’m going to really put in the effort to gain some weight. So I started trying all the weight gainer out there, but nothing worked at all till a friend of mine took me to GNC to check out their supplements.

I was asked to try their protein weight gainer shake. It comes in vanilla and chocolate. It cost me about RM120 as they were having a discount. I also got their multivitamin for women to consume as well. So the next day for a month I took both supplements and after a month tadaaaaa…. I started to gain weight. I then decided to stop the supplement and see , but shockingly I continued to gain so much weight 10kg within 7months. 😭The weight gain didn’t stop there, how much I cut down my food even.

So since then I’ve been having weight issues. From a size xs or s to a size L and reaching XL. And I had to put a stop to this as I was only 5’1 in height and I didn’t wanna look like a midget. I tried many diet pills, many diet tea that makes you camp in the toilet all night and nothing worked.

I kept telling myself I have to work out, tried it at home few times but failed to continue. So I then put my feet down as my wedding is nearing and I manage to brainwash the hubs (we’re already registered so that’s why I call him hubs) to hit the gym. Finally, now we’ve started going to the gym and I’ve been making healthy home-cooked food to help me with this journey.

We have purchased a coupon from for Celebrity Fitness one month pass which cost RM150/person inclusiveΒ of all access to gym and classes. The reason why we got a one-month pass is just to make sure the service of the gym and equipment were all okay and good before committing to a proper membership.

Keep an eye for my next update which also includes easy recipe you can try.



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48 thoughts on “My fitness journey. #1

  1. We support on your fitness journey! I remember I was at the same body type like your when I was in high school until college, and I can’t wear bikini. But through exercise, my body changed, I’m still slim (with a little curves).



  2. hehe we have something in common one need gain, another need lose.
    you need gain weight. as for me I need lose weight, hehe.. I gained weight after having my sons seem never lose at all the weight.


  3. Thanks for sharing your weight gain journey. I face the same problem. Lose 8 kg in 2016 and I’m going underweight now..

    Btw in that pic, look lovely regardless


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