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It’s always bad luck with Texas Chicken


Sorry, but I would like to share my frustration with all of you. I work in Ara Damansara near EVOLVE MALL. Since I love chicken so much, I visit the Texas Chicken at Evolve Concept Mall at least once a week. ( Yes, I know that’s very unhealthy, and has made me gained weight. That’s why I’m hitting the gym nowadays).

Ok back to my complaint… 

So as I was saying, I go there often to pack food for lunch and majority of the time I get disappointed. What happen to the standards of fast food nowadays? I’ll share with you two scenarios I got into.

Scenario 1

I get to the counter and order a crunchy sampler set and one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit.

Set consist of:

  • small chicken filet
  • 2 nuggets
  • small mash potato
  • regular drink

What I got was everything except the one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit. And when did i actually know they didn’t give it to me? Yes, when I was at my desk at work!

This was really upsetting, yes I was a fool to not have checked my order. But hey, I’m just rushing to pack my food and get back to work.

Scenario 2

I get to the counter and order a crunchy sampler set and one ala cart Honey Butter biscuit again. This time, I got everything except the 2 nuggets. I was careful to check this time around, and when I informed the staff that was serving me she just looked and smiled ( no sorry) .Then was I gave her the money, she gave me back the wrong change, and when I told her she actually stood there and asked me ” so how much must I give you back actually?”.

Hahaha yes, this is the service I get majority of the time when I go there still. I have even notified the manager and he gave me one Honey Butter biscuit.

I’m not that mean, I do understand the mix up sometimes on a busy day. But when I’m there it’s almost always empty and i still get mix-ups.

So yeah, do watch out if you go to Texas Chicken at Evolve Concept Mall , just make sure you check your order.

I’m very particular when it comes to customer service. It’s very important in a business , one bad service is all you need.

Thanks for hearing me out. Bye 🙂


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31 thoughts on “It’s always bad luck with Texas Chicken

  1. Last time I get my Texas chicken without honey butter biscuit also, but next time before you order you actually can hint them don’t miss out any of my orders, then they will be extra careful with your order! I still like their chicken, as it is healthier!


  2. customer service is the key whether the customer return to you or not… Texas Chicken is one of my fav fast food and I have happy experience with Sunway branch.. maybe you should highlight this issue to their HQ? cheers


  3. I think most fast food chains have problem with inefficient staff, have similar problem with KFC & McD before. They tell me, it’s not my fault, cos apparently they don’t represent the company.


  4. i do love to visit Texas more than its competitor. But with bad service like this, people might think twice to visit. They should train their staff better.


  5. Aww…. It’s been some time I didn’t have Texas date. Their fried chicken is my recommended dish as the portion from them is way too satisfy your tummy. Just… sorry to know your bad experience with them ^^”


  6. Totally understand how you feel. Sometimes, it happens so often at one particular store that I wonder if these things were done on purpose, for a little extra profit.


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