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A Romantic jungle retreat.

For my hubby's birthday in June, I was doing some research online finding a 
unique and nearby place to go for the weekend and suddenly came across 
Philia Resort & Spa Melaka .The photos of the rooms really caught my attention. 
The rustic wood concept, the beautiful bathtub, and the jungle surrounding 
really caught my eye. I was really excited as  wanted a romantic weekend away 
with hubs.

What caught my eye at first

I just loved the whole tree log concept of the units. Very unique, but the price
for the room are a little pricey. The Pavilion room was MYR 957.00 for 2 nights. 
So around MYR 478.00/night.So upon booking the room I also requested to help 
decorate for hubs birthday, which i had to top up an additional MYR 120.00.
So when we got there, the people were very friendly and helpful. They had this 
24 hours buggy service to move around in the area. They took our bags and brought
us to our home for that weekend.

Here's the real deal when we got into the room...

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What you see is what you get!
Just beautiful isnt it? Yeh i got all excited especially with the whole log theme.
So we got in and took tons of photos, then we sat outside at the balcony and i 
hubby about how i came across this place and the details. Then we spoke of what
other rooms they had her at Philea Resort. 
That's when i told him they have an awesome room called the Philea Suite, this 
unit its own its own and its really huge. What caught my eye was this old school 
kinda bathtub concept. So then hubby got excited to and suggested why not we check 
out that unit. 

So then i called the room service to send a buggy to let us view the Philea Suite.
When we got there we instantly fell in love with the place. Hubby looked at me and
smiled and i knew this was gonna be our home for the weekend.

LOOK AT WHAT WE GOT(so excited)

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Yes, so now you know how excited we were? But wait! Don't you wanna know how much
i had to top up to get this room? Hahaha...

We had to top up MYR 400/night for this room. Yes, which means MYR 878/night for 
this suite. Well i think its a bit overpriced in that sense but what the hack, its ok to
go crazy and splurge once in a while.(then go home and cry & eat meggi all month)

So yeh, overall the service was amazing and we really had a good time here. They 
even came over with a complimentary birthday cake for hubby on the eve night of his

The trip ended well, we didn't want to leave at all. 

Anyways before I end this just want to share the place we had our dinner nearby
here, it's called Bert's Garden Seafood. The food here was amazing and the service
was good.



The rest of the photos from the trip:

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27 thoughts on “A Romantic jungle retreat.

  1. The rooms look amazing!! And the smiles on your face says it all…plus i couldn’t had agree more on the pricing part plus with the whole maggie a month thing…hahhaha great write up dear!! keep it going..and welcome to blogging life!


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